Consent Laid Bare with Chanel Contos - Fane Australia

Consent Laid Bare is a book that examines, analyses and demonstrates the complexities of sexual consent in this modern age of entitlement.

Join author and advocate Chanel Contos, in conversation with Cheek Media Co. founder Hannah Ferguson, for an unmissable conversation that we wish wasn’t necessary, but we know is absolutely critical.

Consent Laid Bare continues the discussion Chanel ignited with the movement started in 2021, Teach Us Consent.

When a 22 year old Chanel Contos posted the question on social media: “Have you or has anyone close to you ever experienced sexual assault from someone who went to an all-boys school?” she never expected the outpouring of responses that followed.

Galvanised, Chanel and Teach Us Consent commenced a campaign lobbying for comprehensive change to consent and sexuality education, and has since collaborated with State and Federal Governments and NSW Police to enact policy and education reform.

Chanel also received a First for her Masters in Gender, Education and International Development from University College London, has been named in the BBC’s list of 100 influential and inspiring people worldwide of 2022, and was the NSW Young Woman of the Year in 2023. Chanel has also been granted a Diana Award, the highest international accolade a young person can receive for their humanitarian work.

All profits will be donated directly to Teach Us Consent, a non-for-profit organisation established by Chanel Contos lobbying for and providing holistic consent and sexuality education.



UNSW Roundhouse
13 Sep 2023
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