Jon Ronson's Psychopath Night 2024 - Fane Australia
Do Psychopaths rule the world? How do we define normal? Are you friends with a psychopath? Are you worried YOU might be one?

Fifteen years has passed since he embarked on the adventure that became his ground-breaking and best-selling work, The Psychopath Test, and now renowned journalist, filmmaker, and author Jon Ronson reopens the case with exclusive anecdotes and fresh reflections, taking you on a thrilling exploration of madness and the elusive psychopathic mind.

Join Jon in 2024 for an electrifying journey into the enigmatic world of psychopaths and the perplexing concept of normalcy. In an age where society’s rationality is called into question, Jon will deliver an evening of incisive inquiry, seasoned with his trademark wit and profound insights.

Featuring mystery special guests central to the story but not found in the original edition of the book. Their extraordinary tales are brimming with twists and turns, and the less you know about them, the better. Don’t miss Jon Ronson’s Psychopath Night 2024, an unforgettable night of revelation and intrigue.



Hamer Hall
20 Nov 2024
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Sydney Town Hall
21 Nov 2024
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QPAC Concert Hall
24 Nov 2024
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Canberra Theatre
25 Nov 2024
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Opera House
26 Nov 2024
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